Fleet of Foot, Swift of Thought

Hey, I'm just the messenger, pal.

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Mercer -- better known to most as Hermes or Mercury -- is small and wiry, standing just over 5'7" by the most generous of measurements, with white-blonde hair and pale grey eyes. He looks to be in his early twenties. Dressing casually to the point of sloppiness, he's never seen without his ratty sandals and black knit cap; the cap has two white wings embroidered over the ears, while the sandals are marked by two more pairs of almost invisible wings that've been sketched on the heel straps with permanent marker.

If you empty his pockets, you'll always find a battered leather wallet (which never seems to go empty) and a single housekey with a caduceus keychain. He has a gift of languages; if he's speaking something other than English, it'll be italicized and denoted OOC.

....Also, he talks faster and is more fidgety than a five-year-old hopped up on a pound of Pop Rocks.

Other Notes:

- If you're mortal, do not wager a bet with Mercer unless you want to lose. No card games, either. He'll always win.
- The Mercury dimes he carries in his wallet have the ability to bestow good luck or bad luck on whomever he gives them to; however, it will only last long enough to cause one extremely fortunate or one extremely unfortunate event. After that, it goes back to an ordinary, if slightly more valuable than normal, ten-cent piece. They won't be distributed without advance OOC planning/communication.
- In more general terms, there's also a somewhat rambly OOC post on how (some of) Mercer's powers work.

As far as disclaimers go: Mercer belongs to the Greco-Roman pantheon, he's played by Quinn Allman, and is just here for milliways_bar-inspired mayhem. No money's being exchanged (much to his disappointment) and no disrespect is intended.

If you're looking for his mun, contact/availability information is here.